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Therapy for people living with stress, depression, and medical conditions

Articles About therapy

What are options for low cost therapy? -

Many people find themselves wanting help, but unsure whether they can afford it. The cost of therapy can be high, even if you have insurance in the US. While it frustrates me that lack of money would...

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Should I Find a New Therapist? -

Is something not feeling right to you? After that last session, did you leave feeling off somehow? Is there something bothering you in therapy? Something not going as well as you'd like? If there is...

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What is cognitive behavior therapy? -

What makes CBT unique? Could CBT help you? Understanding the different kinds of therapy available will enable you to find the right kind of therapy for you. This focus of this post is on Cognitive Behavior...

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What is a health psychologist? -

A medical provider is focused on fixing or treating your medical condition. A health psychologist is focused on helping you live better while you wait. What is the difference between a medical provider...

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