Dr. Anna Charbonneau

Therapy for people living with stress, depression, and medical conditions

I am a licensed clinical psychologist and author based in Seattle in Washington State. I earned my PhD in Clinical Psychology from Seattle Pacific University. My training included an emphasis in health psychology and integrating pyschology into medical care. Before opening my private practice, I worked in primarily medical settings helping medical doctors integrate psychology into medical care and pain management.

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You can read more about my professional experience on my LinkedIn profile.

As a psychologist, I bring an evidence-based, practical approach to each session with the aim of helping you feel better and live better. I listen carefully and without judgement in order to tailor treatment to each individual's needs. I take a flexible approach to my work, and can accommodate a range of needs, from simply listening to actively helping you reach specific goals.

I also worked at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, researching the Stress Management and Relaxation Training (SMART) intervention. The SMART intervention is an 8 week cognitive behavioral and relaxation group session designed to teach stress management skills. The first research paper from this work was recently published in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine.

I am passionate about making mental health services more accessible to more people. I know how hard it can be to make it into an office, especially if you travel frequently, keep non-traditional work hours, or have trouble leaving the house. I make an effort to incorporate non-traditional methods (phone and video sessions) into my work in order to accommodate people who cannot easily make it into an office location. I am certified in Telemental Health through the Zur Institute.

Programs to Build Resiliency to Stress

Do we really have to wait until we're sick to make things better? As a psychologist, I am committed to developing programs to promote psychological resiliency to stress. Stress is associated with mood problems and physical illness; what if we can prevent illness in the first place?

Stress in life is unavoidable, but learning how to respond to stress in healthy ways can make a huge difference in health and wellness.

Highly stressful life situations raise the risk for mental health problems. Teaching skills such as how to cope with stress, maintain healthy relationships, can promote resiliency to stress and help people thrive even in highly stressful situations.

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I developed a program called Women ROCK (Relaxation, Openness, Contemplation, and Kindness) to help prevent depressive symptoms from developing in older adolescents. Women ROCK is an 8 week program where participants meet for 2 hours per week to learn skills to promote resiliency to stress, including cognitive-behavioral strategies, meditation, mindfulness, and other skills.

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